If you're like me and a bit tired of relying on social media to stay connected, then a mailing list is the best of both worlds - we can engage with new updates in our own time and space, without having to sift through endless posts that we never subscribed to in the first place.

I'm starting a mailing list as a way to reach out to people that might be interested in what I do, and that may or may not be you. If you're keen, I'll be happy to have you on board!

All you need to fill in is your email, and whether you want to receive updates for my articles at A Sound Idea or for my upcoming music projects, or even both. I won't ask for your name, where you live or anything else that is none of my business.

I've also made a quick list of the articles I will be writing about, so that you know what you can expect from the blog. You can find that list here.

I hope you enjoy the updates and the break from social media :)


P.S. If you like this idea and want to start one for yourself, I'd be happy to show you how I made a mailing list - the platform has so graciously provided its branding and links below.
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